The Things Industries brings LoRa® 2.4GHz to The Things Network

The Things Industries announces support for LoRa® 2.4GHz in The Things Network community network and its open-source stack.

The globally harmonized 2.4GHz frequency enables companies to use their devices across all continents, pushing IoT limits even further in demanding environments. 

LoRa 2.4GHz has seen steady adoption since its introduction a year back. This includes gateway introductions by manufacturers such as Multitech, Mikrotik and IMST. As well as device and module makers such as Miromico, mcf88, Embit and Vicotee.

Maritime solution providers such as Wilhelmsen are also on board. Wilhelmsen has partnered with The Things Industries (TTI) and selected Semtech’s LoRa devices as the foundation for its new global 2.4GHz maritime IoT of the Seas platform to deliver an ecosystem of cost-effective, robust and proven IoT solutions and make them available to its diverse global customer base, at “land and sea”.

Wilhelmsen can now collect more accurate data from a ship's assets, such as the condition of machinery and engines, leaks, environmental measures, asset location, etc. The data is used to perform preventive maintenance, reducing the risk of ships grounding or incidents and thus reducing costs.

We already see great interest from the maritime and logistics sector to adopt the new global frequency, enabling low power, long-range communication using the standardized 2.4 GHz channels. We are excited to enable new use cases by supporting 2.4 GHz LoRa in both our open source as well as our enterprise LoRaWAN stack.

Johan Stokking, Tech lead The Things Network & CTO The Things Industries

It’s a matter of time before other verticals will see the benefits of LoRa 2.4GHz. 

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